The Dutch division of Ubisoft suggests that Ubisoft + may soon be on the Xbox Game Pass – Nert4.Life

Ubisoft + May come Xbox Game BossAt least some people believe this after reading the Dutch section of Ubisoft’s tweet, which seems to point in that direction, or at least, even if it simply blinks.

Ubisoft + on Xbox Game Pass?

What it was born from is still an unconfirmed rumor, which is very explanatory. The UbisoftNL Twitter account has released a promotional post for Ubisoft + following a request to integrate it into the Xbox Game Pass. In this case. Instead of getting an answer, the user who did it received a smiley with heart-shaped eyes, which was confirmed by many.

Of course not, but speculation has started anyway, and there is talk of a deal being announced during the next Xbox & Bethesda Games showcase or during the unannounced deal. Ubisoft eventThis may have happened at the same time as E3.

Of course, it is right to take care of everything, because in the end we always talk about the smile, and it does not mean what many people want it to mean. However, it would not be bad to see the addition of Ubisoft + Catlock in the Xbox Game Pass.

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