The Fall of Babylon reveals the nature of long-term cooperative play…

The presence of four characters on the game posters may be a clue, but this is the first time this has happened fall of Babylon In fact it turns out to be a hack and downgrade geared towards online collaboration. This trailer allows us to experience a variety of environments, all made from the perspective of an art direction such as European oil painting. Obviously, players will have to go through dungeons to fight anything that moves and thief Everything is there, all for up to 4 players. It is also a specific program Granblue Fantasy Relink, which PlatinumGames started to develop prior to its launch by Cygames.

at fall of BabylonPlayers will play as rangers attached to their own equipment, the Coffins of Gideon. These devices equipped on the back of players are used to carry two additional weapons in addition to the weapons they have in each hand, the idea is to make groups of four and increase the possibilities of the groups. According to PlatinumGames, the game will offer great freedom to customize Builds From his personality and thus great flexibility in his playing styles.

Interesting details, especially for PlatinumGames, fall of Babylon It presents itself as a gaming service that is already planning to power up long after its launch, especially with free-to-play modes, but also weapons (there will be five types at launch), additional levels and skills for them.characters. Obviously, the economic model will not be completely free for all of that, which is the now traditional battle pass that will enrich the experience of those who want to invest for useful items or just cosmetics. Some items can also be purchased directly from the store.

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fall of Babylon It does not have a release date yet but it is now possible to sign up for future beta tests at الاختبارات Visit this site. The closed beta will be divided into three phases, with a gradual unlocking of the platforms. Phase 1 will begin at the end of July and is for PC players, who will be joined by PS4 and then PS5 players during Phases 2 and 3 (still undated). Finally, it should be noted that the game is directed by Kenji Saito, a former director of Metal Gear Rising: Revenge And the Transformers: Havoc.

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