The Ferrari SP48 Unica is brand new to the customer

Ferrari has launched its new One-Off, a specialized car that is tailored to the specific needs of a customer. His name SP48 is unique, And is the latest addition to a series published by Maranello. Becoming part of the most exclusive team of the entire production of the House, those unique cars are designed following the customer’s requirements and starting from his needs.

Ferrari SP48 Unica: How it is made

The SP48 Unica, designed at the Ferrari Style Center under the guidance of Chief Design Officer Flavio Mansoni Game Berlinetta with two seats. The site of the starting point F8 Tributo (super car with incredible performance). Its tight lines and aggressive attitude make it clear, and thanks to the sharp and forward-planned front. A special effect was achieved by the redesign of the front headlights and the rearrangement of the brake air intake.

For the special realization of this unique car, Ferrari used parameter-process modeling techniques and 3D prototype (combination production), which allowed engineers and designers. Thoroughly review Grill shape and engine air intake. The sense of continuity of the models and the completeness of the surfaces is due to this advanced manufacturing process, which has made it possible to create perfect 3D grids obtained from the full scale.

The graphic solutions suggest the overall design of the SP48 Unica: the transition from black to body color is very clear, including the windows, roof and panel. The visual effect of the front is emphasized by the reduction of the side window area and the removal of the rear window. New Ferrari SP48 Unica released Refined game of symmetry and continuity, Recommended by the lines that make up the design.

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Customization of the interior

The passenger compartment starts again Technical recognition of the F8 Tributo, The rear window was removed and an intense search was made for a combination of colors and mattresses most suitable for the SP48 Unica’s sporty, racy and aggressive nature. An example of this is the use of black Alcondara with temporary laser holes, which are used for seats and most passenger compartments, under which you can see different fabrics (such as body engraving) ranging from red to orange. Its core, echoing the fading hexagons from the grilles and the practical livery on the roof, gives the car a pleasant effect. Continuity between interior and exterior.

Ferrai SP48 Unica, the new specialty designed for the customer

The occupants of the new Ferrari SP48 Unica remain the same Immediately attracted With glossy covers with the same hexagonal core embedded by the laser. The interiors are very elegant and unique, decorated with matte carbon fiber, which adds a very technical touch to the passenger compartment, which is finished in ganmetal gray.

Once upon a time there was a Ferrari SP48 Unica Designed for loyal customer Involved in every phase of the creation of the Francing Horse House, a specialized customized project. So a car that reflects the bold reinterpretation of the Sports Berlinetta, capable of improving its racing spirit and its career for speed. One-Off has a lofty goal: to transform an existing model in an original and effective way, to inspire and at the same time pay homage to the brand’s core values ​​of innovation and passion.

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