The Find My app now lets you track non-Apple products as well

Ebike models, bluetooth headsets, and tracker anticipating the AirTags release are actually compatible

(Photo: Chipolo)

It is officialThe Find My app opens on non-Apple products as well Which can be tracked by our helpful remote site service. In fact, the Californian company has expanded compatibility to tools that range from small trackers like the new Chipolo One, and Bluetooth headsets to some eBike models that flow to the “Accessories” tab in the app. Let’s find out how it works and the compatible devices for now.

service Where it works thanks to millions of Apple devices It spreads across the globe to create a lattice of secure, anonymous and short-range connections that exploit Low consumption Bluetooth connection (Lu – low energy). Each device that participates in global localization covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 80 meters: if the instrument to be tracked passes nearby, it is indicated and reported on the map that opens in the application of the user who wants to retrieve it. Very useful tool in case of theft or loss, Which also allows you to lock the device behind the pin code and delete sensitive information remotely.

ebike vanmoof
(Image: VanMoof)

Now Apple is also opening this network to third-party tools with the Find My Network Accessory Program project, allowing outside companies to enter their products – current or under development – so that they can be tracked. Apple has announced draft technical specifications for circuit manufacturers that will be released in the coming months to take advantage not only of Le Bluetooth technology but also U1 chip ultra wideband technology, For a more accurate site.

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Belkin Soundform Freedom
(Photo: Belkin)

There are already some compatible third party devices like the latest models eBike S3 e X3 di VanMoof, The auricolari true Belkin Soundform Freedom wireless And small Chipolo One Spot TrackerAnd, which appears to be the perfect flagship of AirTags, Apple’s proposal is expected very soon. As expected, several products will be added to the list in the coming months.

Among the jobs that could soon get to where there’s also a useful anti-stalking tool, here’s how it works.

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