:-) The first smiley in computer history auctioned for over $200,000

Colon, hyphen, parentheses: The first digital smiley was auctioned in the USA for over $200,000.

Dallas – Colon, hyphen, parentheses: the first numeric smiley found in United States of America It was auctioned for more than $200,000.

In September 1982 the “grandfather” of all smileys was created. 🙂 (archive photo) © Heritage Auctions / Heritage Auctions / HA.com / dpa

The initially unknown highest bidder bought the emoji online Thursday for $237,500 (about 200,000 euros), as evidenced by the website of Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas.

Computer scientist Scott Falman of the University of Pittsburgh first proposed the combination “:-)” for use in this context on September 19, 1982—and is now considered by many to be the father of the digital smile.

The initial bid for the so-called NFT, which contains the original Fahlman notice on the university’s online bulletin board, was $1,000.

An NFT (non-replaceable token) is a type of digital certificate of authenticity: there can be any number of mirrors of an item, but only that can be considered the original.

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