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Dead Space remake In the last few minutes it was shown on video for the first time, with a few pieces Sports and IT concept We are looking at a more preliminary version of the development in Motivation, the video montage reported above by GameSpray and some images that illustrate the differences between the original and newer versions.

As announced by the developers during the developer live stream, it is good to consider the fact that there is a version of the Dead Space remake “very very very very very Preliminary“So, we are far from complete, part of the demonstration was done using writing models in a neutral background, using the development tools in the graphic engine directly.

Anyway, the few seconds you watch the new game are enough to show many changes: the atmosphere is always the same, the gameplay is the same, but the views are much More detailed and complete effects, As well as writing samples

Dead Space Remake: Comparison with the original (above) and the remake (below)

Kinetics Shooter It is always the same in terms of the mutations of the genomorps, and in this case it is still “surgical” because the mutations of the tissues are more visible.

True to the original spirit, the new Dead Space remake will continue its usual setting as a kind of constant Sequence-shot, Without barriers even when accessing inventory and menus, was one of the peculiarities of the original series.

Dead Space remake, detail of a scene
Dead Space remake, detail of a scene

For the rest, the release date of the Dead Space remake is yet to be announced, but it still looks like it is still a long way off if we look at the status of the work that is yet to be confirmed. In recent days, regular Jeff Grupp has been talking about leaving at the end of 2022.

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