The frame is made entirely of Lego, which produces knitted scarves (almost) automatically

Other than the magical knitwear from Barbie! With more than 3000 bricks fans Puzzle Games Brown amazing frame, which works great. A work of art is not currently for sale, but the company has re-launched it after it was announced at the end of April.

he is called Jerry Nichols The artist who handcrafted a frame made entirely of LEGO, with over 3000 bricks and that works. Making a scarf – he warns – takes 6 hours, but it’s worth it. A complete “modern” artwork that teaches us what human creativity can do beautifully.

In the videos posted on social networks, you can see how the frame is internally made of bricks and includes a small set of digital controls that automate processes. Long, sure, but with excellent results.

Such a great creation from a LEGO fan like you It is not for sale in our shop. We hope it inspires you to build your own cool brick ideas!

The company writes about it in response to the comment of a reader who asked for the possibility of purchasing the work.

All that remains is to admire it, hoping that perhaps it can be put up for sale, even if we imagine that the cost will not be affordable for everyone.

Reference sources: Lego / Facebook / Lego / Instagram

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