The full moon of the flower moon is approaching, it will turn red and we will tell you the exact date “

The full eclipse of the flower moon is approaching and it will turn red and we will tell you the exact date

May 16: Total lunar eclipseMonday, May 16th: Mark this date because There will be a wonderful full eclipse of the moon.

Enjoy it In Italy, however, we have to wait Deep night Our satellite will start to get dark 4.27 Then reach Peak At 6.11.
By the total point of the eclipse the moon would have already set And this The sun had already risen So the vision of this particular astronomical event will not be so easy.
Attention to another detail. We can not see the usual red color that the moon takes at the point of maximum eclipse, but we should be satisfied to observe the first step to darkening, which will be very attractive.

If we fail to see the eclipse, we can make up for it View Most of them Important planets: In fact, just before sunrise, they are visible to the east. Saturn And, to follow, TuesdayAnd so on Thursday Finally Friday.

But why is the full moon in May called “flowers”?
The suggested name is the reason for that Native Americans And especially from the Alconquinese tribes living in present-day Northeastern America, where they have already been observed in distant times. Anemones bloom, Sapphires, Violets And other types of flowers are precisely matched Full moon in May.

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