The future mobile photo monster will be presented at the end of the month

It’s official, the Huawei P50 will be presented on July 29 at a conference that will start at 1:30 PM (French time).

We’ve been talking about Huawei’s future flagship, the P50, for months. However, if the brand had the habit of ditching its smartphone in March, 2021 would be a very special year. Between US sanctions and supply problems, the P50 will have taken its time, but the wait is just over.

It’s official, Huawei P50 will be presented Thursday 29 July 2021. The company confirmed this in a post on Sina WeboChinese Facebook. The conference will begin at 1:30 PM (French time), and the company should seize the opportunity to lift the veil on the various variants of its high-end smartphone.

A new photographic monster?

Huawei’s P range has traditionally focused on photography, and this year should be no exception to the rule. “The road ahead has no end, this time we will outdo ourselves once again in the field of photography” says Richard Yu, senior president of Huawei’s mobile division. The company has distinguished itself several times in mobile photography by being the first to introduce RYYB sensors or parallax zoom for the Huawei P30 Pro.

On the list, we expect the Huawei P50 in this continuity, with the arrival of a particularly large image sensor that can measure up to an inch. Some rumors are also teasing a virtual x200 zoom, a first in the smartphone world.

We still have to wait for July 29th to confirm or not to confirm all these rumors. However, we can already confirm that the Huawei P50 range will once again be deprived of Google services. HarmonyOS – Huawei’s home alternative to Android – will probably be installed on the smartphone right away.

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