The future of video games is now, and this video proves it

Unity presents its new game engine in a short video that promises video games that are as close to real as reality itself.

The rapid technological progress that we have been witnessing for many years is not only benefiting the fields that can be called “useful” but also entertainment in all its forms. One of the main sectors involved is video games, which make great use of current technologies and put them in favor of the ever more advanced photorealistic.

A few months ago, Epic Games presented one of the first demos of its in-house engine, Unreal Engine 5. And the results were truly amazing. After that, it was used in the artistic presentation of The Matrix: Awakens On PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as the real and digital version of actor Keanu Reeves rubs shoulders. Today, it’s Unity’s turn to show us the possibilities that the latest version of its graphics engine offers.

Real or unreal?

In a short video called Enemies, we can see an environment created from scratch, where there is a woman playing chess. A larger-than-life scene, but not at all real because it was completely digitally designed. Under the video, the company explains to us:

Enemies is the latest project from the award-winning Unity team. Showcases Unity’s capabilities for producing high-quality visuals in 2022, including the latest improvements to the High-Resolution Rendering (HDRP) pipeline, the new Probe Volume adaptive lighting system, as well as an all-new hair modeling solution by Coast.

Unity demo videos allow advanced use of the Unity 3D platform in real time through self-directed creative projects, led by Creative Director Veselin Efremov. »

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Reality can already be reached in 2022

What amazes us is how well the unit’s engine is able to deliver scene detail. Aside from some animations around the mouth, eyes, and hair, you can almost believe the video is live action. The ability to do this in 2022 is not given to everyone, and portends a bright future for video games, which could fully harness this power in the coming months.

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