The game is completely free for a few days, and here’s how to get it

very popular with players, Battlefield 5 Not the most famous epic, but the last! With amazing graphics, very smooth and balanced gameplay now and Servers are still aliveBF5 is a perfect game…especially when it’s free. Gender pillar FPS, you can get it absolutely for free with our free game serviceAmazon PrimeBefore getting ready for the next step, Battlefield 2042 next October.

Battlefield 5: How to get it for free

battlefield 4 They tested the ground last June and players responded to the present. Continued Battlefield 1, free for the whole month of July.

Amazon put now Battlefield 5 in the spotlight. with surrender On the Amazon Prime Gaming pageAll you have to do is connect to your account President And download the game. Once you add it to your game library, it will be available for life!

You have until October 1st to take care of it, but: it’s not really 100% “free” because it requires amazon prime subscription. But you are given a simple way to get one of these accounts President Totally free.

Amazon Prime: How do you get a free subscription?

This is where free access to both games is conditional: subscription President Your cost is 49€ per year, or half the amount if you are a student. however, Amazon is offering a free period for everyoneAnd climb to 30 days !

So ideally:

  • Create an account Amazon Or contact you if you have not already used this free period.
  • Then go to activate it Via your account, the Prime . section.
  • You will then have access to the service Prime gaming Free !
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So don’t wait any longer and go create an account / start a free period of PresidentAnd don’t forget to cancel your subscription before it gets charged. Anyway, subscribe It will remain active for 30 daysEven if you cancel it after two hours. And while you are at it, you will have the opportunity to discover the entire catalog Amazon Prime Video (sports where Series) as well as exclusive movies.

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