The game is not ready for release, you have to be patient

BioShock 4 was announced in 2019, that is, 5 years ago already, and it is a long-awaited project. It has obviously been 11 years since the series was put aside, not only because BioShock Infinite did not sell well, but also because its creator, Ken Levine, left to sail towards new horizons. While BioShock 4 is rumored to be in its fourth reboot, we have learned that the project is ongoing and that on the part of the developers, we are looking to “increase staff”. In a message posted on LinkedIn, Jeff Sponhauer, a senior cinematic designer at Cloud Chamber Studios, said, Share job offer With no fewer than thirty open positions, both at its headquarters in Novato, USA, and in Montreal, Quebec, the studio is hiring programmers and artists specializing in 3D modeling, lighting management, level designers, and people specializing in narrative and combat systems. Key positions that prove that development is far from over.

Bioshock 4

So we'll have to be patient and all of this leaves the field entirely to Ken Levine and his game JUDAS, which takes the DNA of BioShock, since he is its creator. The latter will include all the ingredients that made the BioShock license successful, with a complex story, a 1950s atmosphere, clever gameplay, and intravenous infusion powers, all with the help of artificial intelligence and its procedurally generated elements. Judas does not yet have a release date.

Bioshock 4

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