The gameplay of the game in the Star Wars universe has been leaked in a video

The game based on Disney+’s The Mandalorian series hasn’t been confirmed, but a video of how it’s being played has already been leaked online. We see Dean Garen evolve in the “Chapter 4” level by eliminating Stormtroopers in his path.

The in-game adaptation of the Disney + The Mandalorian series is once again talking about her. A few months ago, an insider claimed that the game in the Star Wars universe is in development. Now a new video of what it looks like (a) The Mandalorian game Leaked on the Internet. shared on Youtube It has already collected tens of thousands of views.

The Mandalorian – Crédits: Lucasfilm / Disney +

Apart from this 4-minute video that plunges us into the world of The Mandalorian as we know it, we have no further information about the video game that has been long awaited by Star Wars fans. However, the video reveals enough details to give a general idea of ​​what Third-person shooter in development.

The game will resume the story of the Mandalorian series with several chapters

The video starts in the main menu of the game. Baby Yoda who prefers to be called Grogu holds the silver gear knob of the Razor Crest in his right hand. The player then loads the last checkpoint from Chapter 4 called “Escape”. The loading screen begins with artwork, tips, and additional information about the flag. after a few seconds, The fourth chapter of the game begins with Din Djarin in the elevator.

Then the player advances the level by eliminating all the stormtroopers who attack him with his fame IB-94 . blaster pistol. After the fighting stage, the player chooses the grappling hook to reach the other side of the level. Based on the grappling hook pick list, The Mandalorian also features a flamethrower and jetpack.

In any case, development for The Mandalorian appears to have progressed well. However, we probably shouldn’t expect a launch soon. We don’t even know if it will be released in time for Season 3 of The Mandalorian on Disney+ which has been pushed back to at least 2022. In addition to The Mandalorian, another High Republic game is in the pipeline and it could be an MMO.

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