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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy release was supposed to be a bigger event for this game that deserves more. Eidos Montreal managed to launch a fun game with a well-paced narrative, all with a high-level artistic direction and a very good soundtrack (read the review). Although the commercial success wasn’t when it came out, the game appears to be finding its audience thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass revives Guardians of the Galaxy

Sales of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy were lower than Square Enix expected. Marvel’s Avengers failure in 2020 is still hanging in the memory, and players have been reluctant to make the decision. But something will finally re-launch the device: the game’s release on Xbox Game Pass on March 10, 2022.

In an interview with EurogamerCreative Director Jean-Francois Dugas says he has no regrets and says the team did everything they could to create a good game with this new franchise.

Storytelling Director Mary DeMarle said the game’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass helped the game find its audience.

For me, it’s really all about making the game. What I love now is people, especially with Games Pass, playing it and sharing their experience.

We make games to reach people, we create games to reach audiences. And it’s great that he finds his audience, it’s great that he keeps moving forward.

According to one analyst, Microsoft would have paid between $5 and $10 million to integrate the game with Xbox Game Pass, the service that has more than 25 million subscribers worldwide.

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Currently, developers from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy don’t want to comment on their next project, but when asked if a sequel might be considered, they respond with a “never say never” joke. It is necessary to “not say anything”.

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