The Hubble telescope is still unresponsive after a week out

Hubble was launched 31 years ago, and it no longer works Since Sunday 13th June, Report Futura Science. His on-board computer is down. It is he who controls all the instruments of the telescope. The root of the problem may be a faulty memory card. NASA, of the Goddard Space Flight Center, tried to restart the computer the next day, but to no avail.

However, the error detected in the memory module could be just a symptom, NASA says statement Aired Tuesday, June 22nd. Another component can be affected. “The team is in the process of creating tests that will be conducted in the coming days in order to better isolate the problem and identify a potential solution.”, refers to the space agency sent by Parisian.

Backup computer

All is not lost yet. Goddard Space Flight Center staff can use a spare computer. This material was examined on Earth before it was installed in 2009 in the telescope. But it has not lit up since then. NASA warns that several days are needed to test this solution. If successful, scientific activities can be resumed.

The defective computer was built in the 1980s, and the memory card was replaced during a maintenance job in 2009. Hubble has had other problems with its hardware throughout its history. Its replacement, the new space telescope, James Webb, is still out of orbit. must be Launched at the end of 2021. When powered up, it should deliver more impressive images than those captured by Hubble.

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