The imminent end of 3 Maxi mobile data offers for less than 10 euros per month!

you consume brilliantbit from history and search for a cheap mobile plan Able to support your internet needs? Virtual operators NRJ MobileAnd Cdiscount Mobile And Auchan THeecom Recently launched 3 Maxi subscriptions for sale that ends in less than 48 hours. If you want to know more about these good plans Works on 4G network from Bouygues TelecomAll the details are in this article!

200GB NRJ Mobile plan: a very limited series to grab urgently for only €9.99 per month

NRJ Mobile Currently presenting to you Woot 200 . pack go and slimit erie حدee. valid until 27 July 2021, this is Promotion No obligation offered only to 9,99 per month for the first year (instead of €19.99).

By falling into this Equation Huge 4G, you can:

  • Communicate via calls, SMS and MMS Unlimited in a city ;
  • Exchange at will by these same means + consume 15 Go d’Internet From 30 European countries and 8 overseas destinations.

130 GB Cdiscount Mobile plan: Maximum data offer at € 7.99 per month

in home Cdiscount MobileYou will find a file maxi pack 130 go Just 7,99 per month for the first year (€20.99 thereafter). available until 27 July 2021, this is slimit erie حدee 4G without sharing It includes Calls, SMS and MMS as you like in France.

130Go Cdiscount Mobile Plan

If you choose to subscribe to this cheap mobile subscription, you will also be entitled to all these NSSame contact options without an account From the European Union and Overseas Territories. When traveling in these areas outside the hexagonal boundaries, you can use 13 go from history to surf the Internet.

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150 Go Auchan Telecom plan: the maxi plan is available for a few extra hours for €8.99 per month

on the side of theAuchan THeecom, a Huge mobile package 150 go It is only marketed 8,99 per month for the first year (€22.99 thereafter). It can also be accessed until 27 July 2021, this is Equation 4G It slimit erie حدwithout commitment.

4G Mobile Plan

If you decide to subscribe, you will benefit from the following services:

  • calls, short message and MMS at willit’s a in France ;
  • these mSame contact options without an account + 15 Going out of date From the European Union and external administrations.

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