The latest low-cost speakers, headphones and earbuds

Music can be said to be a universal language: although our tastes in tunes may vary, there are some who do not have the songs they want to hear. New technologies have increased the quality of that music – however, not all of us can afford the types of speakers and headphones that deliver the highest sound.

But if you are a music fan with a strict budget, do not despair. There are audio devices out there that provide better or better sound without forcing you to borrow. The following are reviews of different speakers and headsets (both headphones and earphones) that will really allow your playlist to enjoy. Read on and see if you can find one that fits your needs.

Headphones and earrings

Razor Opus Headphones
Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Edge

For the money, Razor’s new $ 200 Opus noise-canceling, wireless headphones come with everything I want in a set of headphones: comfort, good sound quality and long battery life – with a few extra features as a bonus. For example, the ear cups change 90 degrees to rest on my chest and then turn into an even smaller shape to wrap in the added hard case. These headphones can automatically pause when you remove them from your ears.

Sony’s entry-level earrings were released without much fanfare, but I think they were the real stand. They’ve already seen selling prices for less than $ 100, for which you’ll get a pair of earplugs that kick a powerful bass and have a latch with remarkable stability in your ears – no need for support paddles or hooks. The WF-XB700 earphones are terribly priced, the connectivity stability is rock solid (no audio sync issues when watching videos), and their unique charging case makes it clear that it always charges everything, thanks to the slightly transparent lid.

Close-up photo of OnePlus earrings in a person's hand.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Edge

The aggressively priced $ 79 OnePlus Butts has a rigid design like an airboat, all of which marks a transition from hard plastic – cartridges, cartridges to Wireless 2 and other OnePlus earbuds, which use sealed, silicone tips for ear fitting. The OnePlus Buds require the OnePlus phone if you want to get more out of them, so these don’t really appeal to owners of other Android devices. You won’t get features like wireless charging or noise cancellation at this low price, but if you find you are jealous of Apple Airbnb, and don’t like how the earlobes feel, the value factor here is hard to beat.

The new $ 50 Beats Flex is a very smart play from Apple’s Beats segment. One reason why is obvious: the iPhone 12 line is no longer shipping with added earrings, and this necklace-style option may prove to be a popular alternative. Beats Flex earrings are significantly cheaper than the Beats X they replace – not to mention airports. They offer long 12 hours of battery life, are conveniently fitted, and eliminate the worry of losing a real wireless earring.


Sonos and IKEA kicked off preparations for a long-term partnership in August 2019. You can now buy the Symphonisk Table Lamp Speaker ($ 179) or the Symphonic Bookcase Speaker ($ 99) from your local IKEA or home installation store website; These devices are not available from third-party retailers such as Best Buy or directly from Sonos. They look at IKEA on the outside, but both integrate seamlessly with Sonos speakers on the inside and other products in the company lineup like Sonos One, Beam, Play: 5, Play: 1 and many more.

Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Edge

Marshall’s new $ 149 Emberton Bluetooth speaker gives the beloved Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom a cash flow. Initially, it charges on USB-C for quick, hassle-free, and it gets the best joystick-like controls from Marshall’s latest line of headphones. Instead of learning a few combinations of buttons to change the track or check the battery level, everything here is dead. When some companies try to find clever ways to control your devices like swipes or gestures, body buttons have to say something to make them easy, accessible and fun.

No wonder with that Great redesign for the 4th General Echo, Has redesigned the Amazon Echo point. The new 4th General Dot shares on a small scale the new spherical design of its larger sibling. It is immediately available in three different variants: The Standard model $ 49.99, A version A built-in LED clock for LED 59.99, And a cute version coming kids version Tiger or Panda Design $ 59.99.

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