The latest Virtual Boy game is now compatible with the Rumble Pack

The Virtual Boy is often rated as one of Nintendo’s biggest mistakes, but the console has its share of fans. Even as the years go by, to develop games for this machine is sorely lacking. Plus accessories and where the magic happens is when you make them all match.

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Code heating

Since 2017, if of course you have programming knowledge, it is possible to develop games on Virtual Boy using VUEngine. An open source engine that has been announced, which means anyone can use it to create software that runs on Virtual Boy.

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That’s what Rubén Garcerá Soto did in 2010 creating Capitán Sevilla 2, in honor of a platform game on Amstrad CPC called Capitán Sevilla, released in 1988. The game is actually a demo, taken over in 2017 by his team at VUEngine , in order to make it a kind of 3D remake, in order to use the capabilities of Virtual Boy. A project that remained on ice after a funding shortfall in 2019.

However, the game is talking about him again as his team has added a new feature that makes it compatible with boy virtual rumble pack by Kevin Melott. An extension that allows adding shake management to the Virtual Boy console. Capitán Sevilla 2 made the first game compatible with the new addon. Then you have to realize that the Rumble Pack costs $99, it’s no longer available, and the Capitán Sevilla 2 is just a demo that you have to run on an Everdrive cartridge. A formula that is a little difficult to set up and expensive just so you can enjoy what the tool looks like.

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