The Legend of Zelda ?? Skyward Sword HD: Switch-Remake bestätigt!

BSeveral months ago, rumors about a new version of Wii’s adventure “The Legend of Zelda ?? Skyward Sword HD” were circulating over the network. So the surprise was also limited when Nintendo officially announced its comeback as part of a “Nintendo Direct” live webcast on February 17, 2021 ?? Especially since recycling old blows is known to be a specialty of the Japanese. The question now is: What changes, innovations and improvements are spending by the creators of the new version that justify a purchase (possibly new)?

Zelda ?? Skyward Sword HD: new features

The game scenes shown in the ad (see above) provide initial answers: Is Nintendo increasing the resolution? The graphics look sharper and crisp than they did on the Wii release from 2011. Plus, Nintendo wants to control the motion from the original ?? A mix of Wiimote and Nunchuk ?? Adapt to Joy-Con controller for switch. But don’t worry: if you don’t want the gamepads to vibrate, vibrate, or vibrate, according to Nintendo, should you toggle the control option to the buttons on the console? Then they control the adventure classically with action buttons and sticks. Switch-Lite owners in particular should be happy with this option. Since You Can’t Remove the Joy-Cons, Motion Control Fall Flat ?? However, you can plunge into the adventure.

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Skyward Sword HD für Switch: Die Story

Of course, Nintendo does not change the story of the classic young man: Zelda is not yet a princess, Link is just a good friend in her carefree youth ?? He has no clue about his fate as a hero. Even Hyrule Land, home of the two known from previous Zelda games, is absent. The eternal opponent and the evil man Ganondorf? It does not play a role in the life of the main characters. Although the starting position is completely different this time, nothing has changed in the basic principle of the game: Zelda suddenly disappears, Link must find and save it. Jump into the new old adventure Nintendo Sea On July 16, 2021 ?? Then there is also the Joy-Cons in designing “Zelda” that matches true audiences.

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