The Lord of the Rings introduces a new mobile game signed by EA

EA just announced that it is working on a new mobile game based on the Tolkien saga: The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth. It will be a free RPG that will enter regional beta testing this summer.

Electronic Arts (EA) has just announced the development of a new mobile game from the Lord of the Rings saga in collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises. its name : The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth; Role-playing game (RPG) that will be Free to play .

New Lord of the Rings mobile game

After the release of the real-time strategy game The Lord of the Rings: A Call to ArmsIn 2021, it was developed by NetEase and published by Warner Bros. Interactive entertainment, leaves the license for a new title on mobile. The latter will be developed by Capital Games, a mobile game development studio and a subsidiary of Electronic Arts to which we owe Star Wars: Galactic Heroes. So EA is working on this in collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises, the company that holds the exclusive rights to products derived from Lord of the rings .

Hence, this new game will be a “Collectible RPG” that we promise “a strategic, competitive and social experience at the same time”. Game Free to play On mobile who wants to be faithful to the universe of Middle-earth and descriptions of JRR Tolkien.

What we know about the game

Unfortunately, EA has provided little information about Playof its futuristic mobile game, but we know that it will especially include telling stories from the world of Tolkien. In addition, there will be Very rich collection system and a large selection of characters “. to me PlayPure from this mobile RPG, we only know that there will be a turn based combat system. In addition, EA has not published any image of the game yet. Finally, even if the publisher doesn’t explain it, we can assume the title will be available on both Android and iOS.

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No release date has been announced for the game, but EA has clarified that the game ” You will be entering the regional beta test this summerUpcoming announcements won’t make it to the upcoming E3 since the biggest video game show of the year has been cancelled. However, we can hope to see demonstrations at the upcoming Gamescom taking place August 24-28, 2022 in Cologne.

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