The Lost Ark – How to Get and Use Accelerated Growth?

When you arrive on your selection screen Character in Lost Ark, you must have noticed a button that says “Express Growth”. From the very beginning of the game I tried to click on it without really knowing what it was for, especially how to get it. Let’s find out together how best to use it to get it.

An Express Growth Card is obtained by completing Bern Nord tasks, once this “action” is completed, you will receive it as a reward and it will be nested in your inventory.

Ark lost power pass

You can get the second ticket once you have used the first ticket, and you will receive this second ticket in your internal mailbox. But before you get there, you will have one Bern, and therefore we will see how to use it optimally so as not to waste it!

What is a Lost Ark Growth Express ticket?

It is used to raise a character other than your main character to level 50, excessively quickly, thus avoiding having to rewrite all tasks to do leveling. It’s a quick way to improve your playing time, while enjoying a new class, but be careful, choose it well, because you won’t have the possibility to go back if you make a mistake or if you realize that the class is “I’ve decided that level 50 this way is not right for you.”

Using Growth Express: Step by Step

The lost ark of exponential growth

To be able to activate this ticket, you must have completed the Berne missions

When you get to the character selection screen on your server, you have the option to create several more characters. Your main level is already set up, level 50 or higher but you want another hero.

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Create your new character as you did with your hand and click on the “Accelerated Growth” button, then a window will open where you will be asked to consume your Accelerated Growth Card and your game can start. You will be taken to Trixion automatically, just like when you first started the game.

Once you get to Trixion, you’ll always get Beatrice talking, but in general you can skip certain things and in particular:

After that, the adventure part will not pass, because the Accelerated Growth card is not a quick boost to pass level 50, in fact, you will have to do some quests that recap the story you’ve already done that allow you to discover (or rediscover) certain aspects of the game. In general, during your adventure, you can skip some scenes if you are in a hurry…

The Accelerated Growth Card is a rare consumable that, when used, transports a character through a brief story that ends at level 50. The Power Pass is ideal for players who want to complete their character roster. With maximum level adjustments without going into the same areas and pieces more than once. However, Power Pass is not just an upgrade that strips you of the entire game; It makes the process much easier.

Your second character is now level 50, with a gear level of 302, plus you get a second rapid growth ticket that you can use with a third character. We advise you to think carefully before using it. New chapters are being planned, and it would be a shame to miss this opportunity on a whim.

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