The main bug is causing problems for some 5G Apple iPhone 12 series users

Many Apple iPhone users, including those who bought one New 5G iPhone 12 models, Complain about the problems they encounter in the use of messages on their phone. Some people say they have not seen all the messages sent to their group chat. For example, a post IPhone 12 User with Lmonteleon’s handle Found on Apple’s Community Support site “Regardless of the carrier, I’m not able to see group news responses. This new iPhone 12 (purchased) has not been released yet. It is important to be able to see texts, responses, etc. from my groups, right? Yes, I have done all the previous steps to fix the issue posted in this forum. No. Come on Apple – fix this. “
This issue can affect people who have text dialogs for iOS users and those who engage in mixed text dialogs between iOS users and Android users. If there is one thing that connects multiple complaints, many refer to the fact that they were recently upgraded to one of the new iPhone 12 models. Apple is hard to solve the problem. Nov. Too bad the look, I have no resemblance to the fact that I did not receive messages from anyone. “

Whatever the problem, the carriers do not seem to be at fault as the issue was spotted by iPhone users who subscribed to each of the three major US carriers. We can only imagine it Apple Aware of the problem and working on future software updates to fix the problem.

Having a similar problem with the Messages app on your iPhone? If so, have you recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 model? These are the questions that Apple is trying to solve in the first “gate” of the “textgate” of the 5G iPhone era.

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