The Minister of Education orders face-to-face lessons, but talks to the students himself on the screen

Wiesbaden. Alexander Lorz (CDU) loves to talk to school students and teachers – from a distance. While Hessen’s education minister has ordered full class attendance in the current school year, it continues to rely on digital communications and the “Dual Digital Lesson with the Education Minister” launched last year.

Ready to speak – from a distance: Hesse State Minister of Culture, Alexandre Luers (CDU). Photo: shutterstock

The Ministry of Culture of Hesse has announced that the latest virtual double lesson has taken Education Minister Alexander Luers to high school in Ishuigi. But only on the screen. From a safe distance, the minister said: “The vast majority of our schools started the new school year pretty smoothly, and where there were infections, the health authorities reacted moderately and sent home only those directly affected.” “The first two weeks show that increased protection measures after the end of the holiday season was the right decision. I am very optimistic that we will be able to maintain face-to-face lessons across the board after the fall and winter.”

For the meeting, the “Powi Advanced Course” (probably called: Politics and Economics) was linked to the minister’s office via video conferencing. According to the ministry, in addition to starting classes under epidemic conditions, the main focus has been on digitizing schools and planning for the state high school diploma next year.

“We get an unfiltered impression of where our students’ shoes are pinched, but also of their teachers”

“Dual digital tutoring is a form by which we get an unfiltered impression of where our students and teachers are facing a problem,” Lors emphasized. Time and time again, schools have described specific problem situations for which there does not seem to be an on-site solution at first. “I am so glad we are willing to advise and act and can find statewide regulations that ultimately all schools will benefit from.”

The new school year in Hesse should go with face-to-face teaching in all schools and classes. The latest amendment to the “concept of escalation” states that if incidence values ​​go up, there will be no more school closures and therefore no distance or alternating lessons. Thanks to the unique scientific success of coronavirus vaccines, things are gradually returning to normal in many parts of our society. And we will also take this step in our schools in the new school year, which have been covered by months of restrictions,” Lures explained at the beginning of the school year. The Minister of Education looks at this okay – from the screen in his ministry. News4teachers

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