The Missing Level: The New Name of Meltdown Kowloon

Meltdown Cologne becomes Lost Level Gaming and Esports Bar (Format: Well Played Bars UG)

Meltdown Cologne becomes Lost Level Gaming & Esports Bar: at the end of the year, the location of the famous event in Cologne is going its own way.

In Cologne, Meltdown Cologne has been nothing short of an institution for years: the sports and games bar, opened in 2016, was one of the first in the cathedral city – it was designed to be “A hotspot for gamers, geeks and game lovers”. The idea: instead of soccer tables and dartboards, consoles and computers are available for games – not the Bundesliga, Premier League or NFL matches are played on screens, but e-sports matches.

Publishers and studios have also regularly booked workplaces within walking distance of the vibrant Barbarossa-Platz in the historic southwest of Old Town for product shows and Gamescom events; Complementing the show are formats such as nerd quiz and pen and paper tours. Meltdown has also been a regular meeting point for Cologne’s lively influencer scene.

After nearly six successful years, founder Andreas Malisa freed himself from the French franchise, which can be found in gaming bars in Barcelona, ​​London, Marseille, Madrid, Paris and Lyon, among others. Within the chain, the only German branch became the site of the most successful crash.

Because from January, Melissa wants his tape Take it to the next level: The license contract expires on December 31, 2021 around midnight – Meltdown Cologne is the new Lost Level Gaming & Esports Bar.

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“We have worked successfully with the franchise for the first five years”Melissa reports. “Over time, however, we have moved further and further away from the origins of the franchise. That is why we have decided to go our own way from now on so that we can implement more of our own ideas and be able to create a more creative experience with the missing level.”

The address will not change: Kyffhaeuserstraße 39 at 50674 Cologne. There is more information On the official website.

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