The Most Realistic Star Wars Video Game Ever: You won’t believe what Battlefront looks like in 8K and ray tracing.

what or what star Wars It is one of the most prolific fantasy worlds and comes as no surprise to anyone. George Lucas’ films have been adapted to all possible mediums, including, of course, video games. The titles we saw in this media were inspired by star Wars. But what I’m sure you’ve never seen a video game before star Wars The quality of the video I present to you today. Below is a video and all the details.

This is what Star Wars Battlefront looks like in 8K and ray tracing.

  • This amazing version of Star Wars Battlefront comes from mods mod.
  • This modification is the work of Pascal Gelcher.
  • Thanks to her, we can see the best possible version of Star Wars Battlefront, in 8K resolution and ray tracing.
  • The video comes from YouTuber AD Massicuro.
  • Below you can see it for yourself:

As you can see, this version of Star Wars Battlefront Really amazing. It creates the most realistic world ever in a Star Wars video game. Realistic technologies that already exist Star Wars Battlefront A naturally excellent looking video game, they take it a step further with ray tracing and perfect 8K scaling.

Honestly, this is just an edit, but it leaves me dreaming of what’s possible star Wars Battlefront 3 employment PS5 And Xbox Series X | s Using ray tracing and the power of a new generation of consoles, what do you think?

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