The new clinical picture: nomophobia

Most of us are aware that we have all been hanging on to our digital devices for far too long. When working from home in particular, it’s easier to respond concisely to an email and quickly send a WhatsApp message to your colleague. This constant stress is not good for our body at all. Doctors call nomophobia the new disease of the digital age.

This is nomophobia

Nomophobia stands for “No Mobile Phone Phobia” and describes the fear of not being available without a cell phone or smartphone. This can cause us stress and even panic attacks. For some, this manifests itself through symptoms such as insecurity, inner restlessness, tremors or sweating.

Andreas Hajemann is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy in Eschweiler pictureThe mere thought of not using his smartphone for a short period of time increases the stress level of those affected.

In addition to the fear of missing out, the pressure of self-imposed expectation certainly plays a major role. This means: I think the other person expects an immediate answer, and if I don’t fulfill the expectations, I will be disappointed.

Parallel activities overwhelm our minds

What helps against phobias? It’s very simple: turn off your mobile phone. Hageman explains that a certain amount of time without a mobile phone is an important step in treatment. Newly gained freedom also promotes stress reduction. The expert also recommends checking your screen time and avoiding multitasking.

These parallel activities overwhelm our minds. Because he is simply unable to focus on complex activities at the same time.

When digital stress gets out of hand, Hagman advises taking a break, muting your cell phone and turning off your laptop. Breathing exercises, as well as yoga or meditation, can contribute to more calm in everyday life.

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