The new crossover model of the Moto Gucci V100 is about to be unveiled, with info and preview photos

The first photos of the unpublished Italian Sport Tour were intercepted, with a new cross V engine of about 1,000cc, just 100hp of power and liquid cooling

Continued stolen photos depicting the unprecedented road crossroads of the Mandello del Lario: The Moto Gucci V100 is circulating online these days. The bike was paparazzi on the shores of the lake, according to online rumors, during a photo shoot awaiting its launch, which is certainly expected during the 78th edition of Igma, which is scheduled to take place in Ro Fierra Milano from November 23 to next November 28.

Moto Gucci V100: How it was made

The photos show a large exhibition, characterized by powerful and harmonious lines, which extend from the front to the rider seat, while the passenger seat is slightly elevated. The data and technical specifications of the bike are not yet known, but it looks like the Gucci V100 will be fitted with the new and exclusive engine. According to tradition, this should always be a V-twin with 90 ° inclined cylinders and a displacement of slightly more than 1,100 cc. The engine must be liquid-cooled and operated by a combination of 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead camshaft, all chain and gear. According to further rumors circulating online, the new Moto Gucci V100 engine will be housed in the center of the V, while coming out of the exhaust manifold cylinders. A real novelty in the position of the intake and exhaust systems compared to the current V90. This new configuration should allow power supply above 110 hp.

Moto Gucci V100: Chassis and Electronics

The photo shows some important details about the chassis of the new crossover del Aquila. In particular, these include a center-mounted monoshock absorber, an inverted fork, 17-inch wheels, a braking system with dual radial-mounted front discs, and a shaft drive transmission. The exhibition stands out, with high handles and generous seating for the rider and passenger. Finally, the new V100 will definitely feature advanced electronics, ABS and Corning functionality, motorcycles made in Mandello and systems already in place in the latest models of the Apria.

Veronica Tucker

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