The New York Times Finally Admits That Hunter Biden’s Computer Was Authentic – Reuters

Rival rips outlet to lobby to crush Biden’s emails by calling them “Russian disinformation,” then later casually saying they’re real

The New York Times is facing criticism from its oldest competitor after quietly retracting its position on the authenticity of emails found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, noting in passing that the messages were real and not the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

“Forgive the blasphemy, but you must make us angry”, The New York Post said in an editorial published Thursday. “First, the New York Times decided more than a year later that Hunter Biden’s business problems were worth talking about. Then, by the way, at the end of the article, note that Hunter’s laptop is legit.

The editorial came in response to an article in The Times on Wednesday about a criminal investigation into tax returns for poaching President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. The newspaper said emails between Hunter Biden and business partners about Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma and other foreign deals were… “Mossadeq” by ‘familiar people’ With letters and tax probe.

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Hunter Biden’s partner gets jail time

The Times also indicated that investigators retrieved emails from “A laptop that Mr. Biden abandoned in a Delaware repair shop.” The article made no attempt to reconcile the admission with the Times’ earlier claims that the newspaper’s report on the laptop treasure was ” Incorrect “ And that Biden’s emails may have come from the Burisma data breach.

After The Post broke the October 2020 laptop story and exposed alleged Biden family influence just weeks before the US presidential election, The Times helped lead the mainstream media’s effort to reject the scoop. Several of these outlets cited a letter from more than 50 former US intelligence officials claiming that the alleged scandal was the product of Russian disinformation. Discussion of the issue on social media has been banned. The post has been temporarily blocked on Twitter.

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Now 16 months into the 2020 election, Joe Biden is safe in the White House, and The Times is finally deciding to report on the news rather than carry Biden’s campaign waters. mail says. They found that Hunter Biden’s business interests had suspiciously benefited from Joe Biden’s political position. Perhaps this is a topic worth considering.

The newspaper added it “There is nothing wrong with these 180s.” mocked the times “Deliberate ignorance” Laptop authenticity and skepticism in a meeting between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a Burisma official — only to admit that the report was true more than a year later.

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Politico, who has joined MSM’s chorus of dismissing news of Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘Russian disinformation’, confirms the authenticity of key emails

The Times was not alone in quietly acknowledging the veracity of the information previously called propaganda. A reporter from Politico, one of several outlets that got the scoop on Post .’s notebooks ‘Russian purge’ He wrote last September that he had verified the authenticity of several key emails in question.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has described laptop emails with Russian disinformation before and after the election, including at least as recently as last September.

Candidate Biden then used the message from former intelligence officials to ask about the laptop, saying that former intelligence chiefs had found the story to be true. “Russian factory. »

Some of the emails the Times now admits to be genuine relate to Hunter Biden and his former business partner, Devon Archer, who was sentenced late last month to more than a year in prison for federal fraud.

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