The next generation of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 is still set for 2021, but may slip

In the company’s latest earnings report, CD Project RED expects the next gen versions Cyberpunk 2077 e The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt By the end of 2021, there will be problems with the study though.

After returning to the PS Store and a few days after the release of the patch 1.3 Cyberpunk 2077CD Project RED is committed to fulfilling the promises made to the players. In a recent report addressing shareholders, Polish study confirmed that a “target date” has been set for the next gen version of Cyberbank 2077.Well 2021 “, however it specifies Plans may change at any time. Michael Novakovsky said on VGC microphones: “Keeping in mind the lessons learned over the past year, given the fact that this project is still in development, we cannot be absolutely sure that the project will not change.”. In update too The Witcher3 Created by Saber later this year, but may be subject to delays such as Cyberbank 2077.

Version for Xbox Series X / S e PS5 Famous science fiction will take advantage of the extra power of new consoles and bring a series of additional content as a dowry. Even Geralt’s adventures can be played with a new graphics in a version that includes all the DLC and content inspired by the Netflix series.

In the report CD Projekt RED later announced that it would like to gradually move the developers involved in the development of Cyberbank 2077. Towards new projects. Meanwhile, players continue to report Specific disorders It looks like it will affect the game after the last patch.

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Veronica Tucker

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