The novelty of WhatsApp attracting large groups of friends

On Thursday, the company announced two key features that will transform WhatsApp into one of its main competitors, Telegram. Here are the details.

ShareNews service called A half, Still changing. On Thursday, the company announced that it would grow to twice as large as before as the groups progressed 256 to 512 people. The ability to share files up to 2GB in size will also be enabled against the current 100MB, forcing lower quality compression. In this regard, the company said that the files will be protected by end-to-end encryption, especially the use of WiFi connection to share large documents.

So two important features are coming, which will make WhatsApp look like one of its main competitors. Telegraph. At the very least, not on a numerical level: for groups, the Russian messaging app can accommodate up to 100,000 users.

This is one of the innovations of WhatsApp that is already implemented Reactions with emojis For personal messages. These were Issued March 2022, But they have only recently launched on the latest released version of WhatsApp. The company says it will expand the range of available reactions in the future.

Rather, notice Social, A function that allows people to integrate individual groups into one large group according to the structure most adaptable to them. This way you can organize small discussion groups related to work, neighborhood, school and more. User feedback related to the community is currently positive, which is why the company expects new features to be integrated. According to WABetaInfoWhatsApp, an expert site in analyzing the beta version code of the app, will be coming soon Payment subscription plan Includes business accounts only to provide useful services to companies. Of these, WhatsApp has the potential to connect to up to ten devices, compared to the four devices allowed for the basic user.

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