The official Green Pass app is now available – for…

For Apple users, there is now an official Green Pass app. Regardless of whether it has been vaccinated, restored or tested, each certificate can be imported offline. instructions.

Constant clutter in notes or searching for PDFs on mobile is an end – at least for Apple cell phone owners. However, Android users, who make up the majority, have to wait. In cooperation with the Federal Computing Center (BRZ), the Ministry of Health has developed its own application for Green Pass just in time for the start of the festive season, where 3G certificates (recovered, tested, vaccinated) can also be accessed offline, that is, without a data connection.

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday that the application, initially available only in the iOS app store, stores and processes data exclusively offline, that is, only on the mobile phone of the end user. Once the EU-compliant certificate is uploaded and saved, it appears in a simplified version. Only basic information is then displayed in the app, such as First name, last name, Covid-19 vaccine and EU compliant QR code. There is no storage in the cloud.

It is possible to bring several testimonials from different people to the application, which can be useful for families with children on vacation.

“Best Possible Data Protection”

“Since testimonials vegetables pass, pass, pass successfully When it comes to particularly sensitive health data, we had to adhere to the terms of a strict legal framework when developing the application,” stressed Health Minister Wolfgang Mochstein (green). So there was not only a health policy, but also a social and political mandate to protect data. Mückstein was convinced that the app would ensure “the best possible protection of health data”.

The QR code saved on the smartphone can also be easily accessed via the administrator Check the app “GreenCheck”. A mobile phone or tablet with a working mobile phone camera is required for this. With this web application solution also, no personal data is transferred, and the scan is performed offline. This is intended to enable regulators to easily control entry. It said compliance with these requirements would be checked on a random basis.

The Federal Computing Center (BRZ) is responsible for the development of the application, the Epidemiological Information System (EPI) already provides the technical basis for vegetables Success Delivered in Austria. The technical implementation relied on the open source application of the Swiss Federal Office for Information and Communication Technologies (BIT), through which the BRZ is connected to a network in Euritas, among others.

How it works?

Everyone who installs the app will be greeted with a request to scan a QR code. This is useful for those who have already printed the certificate. Of course, there is also the option to log into the Elga portal with another device and use this to upload the certificate directly into the app.

Another way: If the certificate is already saved on the device, open it first. It can usually be found in the Files app. At the bottom left is an icon with an arrow pointing up. If you click on it, you will be presented with options on how to share this document. The BRZ application can also be found in the column containing applications.

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Software version iOS 12.0 (or higher) is required to install the application.

>>> BRZ Green Pass for iOS

>>> Home page des BRZ

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