The opposition wants a cell phone for Kurtz’s party in the U-Commission

The three opposition factions in Ibiza-U, the SPÖ, NEOS and FPÖ, are resorting once again to the Constitutional Court (VfGH). This time it comes to Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz’s mobile phone registered with the VP Federal Party and SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram or signal messages on it. The Constitutional Court must “declare that the Federal Chancellor is obligated” to submit it in full, in accordance with the request submitted to the APA.

The factions learned that the mobile phone was operating on the party through the statement of his U-Committee aide, according to which Kurtz did not use the chancellery’s official mobile phone, but rather made calls with a ÖVP mobile phone. In mid-March, parliamentary blocs asked the chancellor to refer these statements because they contain “official correspondence” that must be submitted to the U.

And because the chancellor has not yet complied with this order or indicated in a letter that it is a “private property agency” that is “not subject to the advisor’s authority to act,” the parliamentary blocs now repeatedly summon the Constitutional Court. Briefly provide all correspondence that concerns you, such as those with his advisor Stephen. Steiner, Finance Minister Gernot Blumel, Vice President Axel Melchure, former Novomatic Chief Harald Neumann, now suspended head of the justice department Christian Belnatsk or Thomas Schmid, head of ÖBAG. Recently, the three factions succeeded with a similar publishing house due to incomplete file handover from the Finance Ministry .

“If the chancellor conducts his official work casually by chatting, he will not be immune to Parliament’s control,” said Jan Kreiner, leader of the SPÖ parliamentary group. Kurtz still has to answer and provide chats. Same NEOS Parliamentary Group Leader Stephanie Crisper: “The Federal Chancellor cannot evade the obligation to document his professional activities and the legal obligation to present them to the Investigation Committee simply by using the ÖVP cell phone instead of the Chancellor’s official cell phone.” Krisper hopes that VfGH will “put an end to such shameless scams”. Christian Hafneker, leader of the parliamentarian group of the Austrian Freedom Party, also emphasized the importance of the talks: “For the sake of clarity, it is important that the Federal Chancellor also gives everything.”

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