The Pokémon Card sold for 255,000 euros

A Pokemon card sold for more than 250,000 euros – Gecko

Twenty-five years after its release, it has appeared Pokemon cards It is still very popular today, even if it is no longer traded on the playing field. These days, Pokémon cards are especially popular with collectors who don’t hesitate to shell out crazy sums for rare cards.

3D card recent sale Drakovo Is the guide. The latter was auctioned off for $ 311,800 on eBay, after 124 auctions. A particularly large amount explained by the rarity of the object.

In good shape

This card was released in 1999 and was one of the happy cards in the primary set of Pokemon cards at that time. Moreover, given the absence of shadow at the level of the Chargard frame, we know that it comes from a preprint which makes it an especially rare object. Best of all, the menu is in good condition despite its impressive age. It has earned a “practically perfect” rating from the collectible card rating service Professional Sports Authenticator. In short, it is one of the rarest and most pure Pokemon cards in the world.

And if the amount offered for it is very large, it is not a record. Two Pokemon cards of the same arrangement actually sold for $ 350,100 and $ 369,000. But the latter are exceptional cases. Pokemon cards regularly offered to auction Sold in smaller amounts.

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