The presenter says goodbye to the show

The presenter says goodbye to the project: “He gave me a lot, but also took a great love”, her words here

Well known presenter bids farewell to the show: Her Words (Source: Pixabe)

The famous presenter bids farewell to his historic show. “He gave me a lot“- he declared -“But it also robbed me of a great deal of love“. Below we tell you who he is, and we bring you his words.

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Presenter bids farewell to the show: “He gave me a lot”

Mara Veneer Saying goodbye On Sunday: The presenter has aired on Roy 2 since September 19 with the new version, but is getting ready to say goodbye to the project. The historian said before he returned to the air: “I know, no one believes it, but I really think this is my latest version“.

The presenter has been trying to ‘walk away’ from the show for at least a year. His desire is to enjoy his family more. However, Roy could not do without the veneer that brought the show back to its splendor. “It is inevitable that budgets will be triggered“- Issued by Provider -“BI know what this transmission gave me and what it took away from me“.

Mara Veneer

Veneer says she received a lot from the public, but at the same time the broadcast took a lot from her personally: “I think working at Dominica also affected the outcome of a love affair. These are mistakes I will never make again. What love? Someone with Arbor.”.
This is the fourth consecutive edition for the Venetian editor On Sunday: “Running for the fourth time in a row seems unbelievable to me: I don’t think Roy will return, I was called back as a revenge.”.

Veneer applies to versions run by Pyro. How to enter the Dominica Inn for the first time, Veneer said: “I drove four days before departure.” The presenter also shared the advice given by Renzo Arbor: “This is how you do Dominica, showing yourself how you are in everyday life. If you can, it’s done.”.

Veronica Tucker

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