The problem with Samsung TVs will be solved in March, probably –

PS5 ei Samsung TV They do not behave properly: Some gamers have reported for months that it is not possible to have both 4K HDR and 120Hz when using the PS5. However, it seems that the problem will be solved a March 2021, Via a link made by Sony.

The first reports began last November. Users initially thought this was a problem with Samsung TVs and asked the Korean company to release a firmware update for the TVs. A Samsung’s German Community Manager However, he announced that there was a problem with the Sony console, the PS5.

According to Samsung, Sony is aware of the problem and will “probably” get an update in March 2021, which will fix the problem. In the meantime, affected PS5 players must choose 60Hz, or disable the HDR. Unexpectedly It seems that nothing else can be done for now.

Sony has not yet given accurate indications About the update for the PS5, so we don’t know if what was actually said by Samsung’s social manager will be considered official and conclusive. We will have to wait for new information.

On the PS5 theme, only 15% of consoles in the United States are resold. Finally, we would like to point out that when new stocks arrived in Japan, the crowd was deserted and the police intervened.

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Veronica Tucker

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