The promising Cyberpunk game has been postponed

Good news, the cyberpunk game Nivalis, which many people have been eagerly awaiting, finally provides some additional information with a release date. See instead.

Cyberpunk fans will finally be able to explore the streets of Nivalis when the game launches in spring 2025. This new title, developed by Ion Lands and announced during the Steam Games Made in Germany festival, promises to immerse players in a rich, detailed world, originally featured in Cloudpunk. We must admit that it is very attractive. Especially in the last section.

Nivalis, the real Cyberpunk experience?

Nivalis stands out for its unique approach to the cyberpunk genre. Unlike its predecessor Cloudpunk, which focused on telling stories through deliveries in a dystopian city, Nivalis offers the experience of everyday life in the same city. The player takes on the role of Ava, a novice restaurant owner with a simple ramen stand. The goal is to develop and diversify his business, whether by introducing new culinary specialties, stimulants or even by turning his business into a lively nightclub.

The game goes beyond simple restaurant management. Players can decorate apartments, form bonds of friendship or enmity, find love, and even perform many activities. The city of Nivalis becomes a character in itself, with its own stories and secrets to discover. Interactions with the citizens of Nivalis promise to be rich and varied, with each character having their own quests and machinations.

The depth of the game is also evident in resource management. Ingredients needed to prepare dishes can be purchased or farmed, including activities such as fishing for cyberpunk sushi. This realistic resource management adds an extra dimension to the gaming experience.

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What makes Nivalis particularly exciting is the focus on the personal stories of the characters we meet. Cloudpunk fans remember the compelling stories and unforgettable characters that populated the city.

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