The retiree locates the stolen cell phone and leads the police to the perpetrator

Thanks to information provided by a tech-savvy pensioner, the police arrested a suspected thief. The 72-year-old was at a computer store in Munich’s Freimann neighborhood on Monday at lunchtime when she noticed in the parking lot that someone had stolen her handbag from her shopping cart. With that, her cell phone and wallet were gone.

A handbag in a parked car

But the retiree was able to independently locate her cell phone. Thus, she saw that her cell phone was now in the parking lot of another nearby computer store. The pensioner searched the cars parked there and discovered her stolen bag in a car. The woman called the police.

The suspected thief wants to report the theft of the car

Officers watched the car – but when no one showed up, the car and handbag were towed over by order of the prosecutor. On Tuesday evening, one day after the theft, a 50-year-old man with no permanent address appeared at Milbertshofen Police Station and reported the theft of the confiscated car. The police arrested the man on suspicion of stealing the handbag. The investigating judge sent him into custody.

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