The Safe Thing: This app tests whether your phone is waterproof

These days, high-end smartphones are usually waterproof by default. You can only tell if this is really the case in practice, however, if you take the risk and drown your mobile phone in the sink. This is risky because the seals can wear out over time. It is also possible that the SIM card tray is not closing properly. The smallest gap in the seal can ensure that your smartphone does not survive a dive despite the IP67 or IP68 certification. But what do you do when you want your cell phone to be waterproof, for example because you have to expose it to adverse conditions and damp environments for work or leisure? Before turning on the faucet according to the “close your eyes and through” mantra, take a look at the Google Play Store. If you are using an Android smartphone, you will find a solution there that will scan your mobile for leaks without any risks.
How the edge Reports, free app offers”water resistance testPossibility to check the tightness of existing smartphones without having to recognize a drop of water on your cell phone. The app uses the hardware built-in barometer to measure the ambient pressure. Testing is quick and easy. After downloading the app. You will be asked to gently tap on the screen of your smartphone. In short, the program detects whether you can throw your phone in water without hesitation – even if app developer Ray Wang understandably doesn’t guarantee it The app has been developed to detect age-related or fixed leaks.According to the report, the app worked reliably in hands-on tests In short, it also got the most reviews in the Google Play Store and in the Internet forum reddit positive. Similar implementations existed before, according to The Verge, but they are no longer compatible with current narrowness standards. If in doubt, the “Water Resistance Tester” app is worth a try for free. If you wish, you can give the developer an optional tip.

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