The smartphone that tries to be a computer too

In the age of remote work, Motorola is trying to encourage people to use smartphones differently. A high-quality mid-range phone with a fast processor, fast storage, and a large battery. And with Ready For Docking, your smartphone can also be used as a replacement for your desktop computer.

In contrast, Motorola uses a fast 5G-compatible SoC, dual front camera, a large battery, and fast Wi-Fi 6. The highlight, however, is the Ready For Docking Program; It’s included for free, and allows you to connect the monitor via the USB-C port to the device. Although Samsung already offers something similar to DeX, you need a compatible PC or Smart TV, while the smartphone acts as a PC alternative when using Ready For.

According to 01net, when the Moto G100 is connected to a monitor, four modes are offered by Motorola. One of them allows you to emulate the operating system of a computer (desktop mode), the other three are less important because they allow you to quickly sort between streaming applications, games and programs for making video calls. The whole thing makes the user experience very confusing, and the desktop mode and “favorite apps” mode were easy to understand.

A new experience that combines mobile and PC, and could lead Motorola to attract many professionals and businesses.

Source: 01 net

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