The Space Buzz rocket sends kids into space

Wiring info – The Space Buzz rocket parked in the courtyard of Nelson Mandela College in Pont-de-Claix. For five days, until Friday, May 20, 2022, the device offers to send children into space thanks to virtual reality. An experiment aimed at raising climate awareness among budding astronauts.

dummy enterprise missile space buzz He stopped on Monday 16 May at Nelson Mandela College in Pont de Claix and will stay there until Friday 20 May 2022. Indoors, children live five to ten minutes in a virtual reality experience that allows them to see the Earth as the astronaut sees it – she.

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, the event, which is part of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022, wants to encourage the public to do more for the climate.

Space Rocket Buzz. © Eias Muhlstein – Place Gre’net

This moment in space disturbs the view some have of the blue planet, recounts Zacha, 9, when the shuttle left. “We have seen the moon, our planet Earth from afar, the satellites. I have never seen how beautiful the world was!” Samiya, her mother, can’t help but go on her way “It makes us realize the beauty of our planet. They also showed us the melting ice.”

The goal is for all the children on board to become ambassadors for the Earth. A successful sublime exercise. “We are already very sensitive to it. Zacha and his sister are astronomy lovers. We came from Romans-sur-Isère so that they too are aware of the issues.”

An educational project that is also part of the long term

To prepare for the landing of Space Buzz, schools and colleges in the Grenoble metropolitan area participated in an entire educational program on this project: the Space Consortium. The plan included several establishments in Garry, Saint-Martin-d’Heere, Le Pont de Clix and Eckerol.

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In total, the initiative gathered 660 students to do twelve sessions before and after the rocket’s arrival. First, teachers come to training to see what teaching tools are available. Then the students get a small notebook. They work with their teachers in class and with a moderator during six sessions on tech astronauts,” says Virginie Strohmer, associate science project assistant at Casemate.

After Space Buzz, Classes will change course for six new sessions dedicated, this time, to protecting the planet. Currently, Pont-de-Claix is ​​the Space Buzz station. It’s enough to give the most motivating little Sirians time to imagine themselves as Thomas Bisquet.

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