The special ‘tool’ from Bio and Amedeo

Stefano di Martino Felissima Serra received a surprise from Pio and Amedeo: he gave the comedic duo a special tool for the conductor, that’s what it is.

Pio and Amedeo made a gift to Stefano Di Martino on the occasion of a happy evening: a pleasant surprise for the captain, this is what it is

After the huge success of Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo are back on TV at popular request with their own show! The hugely popular duo of Boolean comedians are preparing to lead Felicissima Sera on Friday, April 16th, prime time on Canale 5. Apparently, there will be three episodes and viewers will be able to attend dances, performances, live music and guests, moments of high comedy. Bio and Amedeo will present an unforgettable Friday evening for Mediaset viewers. In the first episode on Friday 16 April, the guests will be Maria de Felipe, Francesco de Gregory, Emmanuel Filiberto, Tommaso Paradiso, Francesco Panofino, Ivana Spagna and Andrea Ianoni. However, the comedic duo decided to surprise their fans, in particular for one person: Stefano Di Martino! See what they gave him.

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Good evening, surprise for Stefano Di Martino: the special ‘gadget’ from Pio and Amedeo

Felicissima Sera prime time starts on Canale 5 on Friday, April 16th. Pio and Amedeo will welcome guests, and provide laughter, music and entertainment for Canale 5. viewers, and Stefano di Martino will likely be there too! The well-known TV presenter showed through his Instagram stories a surprise that Pew and Amedeo received in the show’s first episode this evening.

A completely original tool that De Martino could only photograph. It is a pair of slippers printed on the two faces of the comedians. Text of the memo: Finally, here we are: Starting Friday, April 16, we’ll see you prime time on Canale 5. We’ve customized the slippers we’ve stolen in hotels in recent years and here they are for you. It’s an honor to have them, so make yourself comfortable on the sofa and we’ll take care of With the rest ”.

From Stefano Di Martino’s IG story

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