The Speedmaster MoonSwatch set by Omega x Swatch looks great

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(Pocket-lint) – Two popular watch brands have teamed up to launch a limited-edition collection of watches. These two brands: luxury watchmaker, Omega, and poppy, colorful Swatch. The end result is pretty much what you imagine it to be: poppy-colored versions of the classic Omega watch.

The Bioceramic MoonSwatch is a reimagining of the classic Speedmaster Moonwatch, with the goal of making it more fun, colorful and – thankfully – affordable. And no, they were not delivered by hours.

The watches are made using what Swatch calls “bio-ceramics,” a mixture of ceramic and castor oil (about two-thirds of the ceramic).

The range includes 11 designs, each with different color combinations, but each depicts a planet in our solar system, as well as Earth’s sun and moon.

The scope includes:

  • Mission to the Sun – bright yellow case, brushed gold/yellow dial, white velcro strap and hour markers/bezel
  • Mission to Mercury – Dark Gray Case And Dial, Black Indicators / Bezel, Gray Metallic Velcro Strap
  • Mission to Venus – Light Pink Case, White Dial And Velcro Strap
  • Mission to Earth – Navy Blue Dial and Velcro Strap, Mint Green Case, White Sub-Dial
  • Mission to the Moon – Black dial and Velcro strap, Light gray case
  • Mission to Mars – Bright red case, white dial and white Velcro strap
  • Mission to Jupiter – Beige case and dial and black Velcro strap
  • Mission to Saturn – sandy beige case and dial, brown dial/pointer, brown velcro strap
  • Mission to Uranus – light blue case and dial, white velcro strap, white bezel/indicators
  • Mission to Neptune – navy blue dial and indexes, light blue case, black velcro strap
  • Mission to Pluto – light gray case, cream dial, burgundy indexes and sub-dials, black velcro strap
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the real” Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch It is best known for being the model worn in the six moon landings by NASA astronauts, with new models numbering in the thousands. Fortunately, this Swatch collaboration means that these color versions are more accessible.

In the UK, all models in the range will sell for £207 when they go on sale on March 26, but there’s a slight catch: you’ll only be able to buy them in a physical Swatch store. It will not be available for purchase directly online.

Written by Cam Bunton.

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