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why me Corporate Tools Continue to be the most popular choice among companies that have decided to promote themselves through targeted marketing activities? After all, today we have a series of digital tools that allow us to reach thousands of customers from a website or social profile! It is worth using the tools intended for Promote your business? And why? We talked about it with experts And as we shall see, today the use of this type of advertising appears to be the most convenient and profitable option known.

Why use the tool to promote your business?

The gadget is an advertising method that is in stark contrast to all existing methods. He doesn’t interrupt the customer, doesn’t bother with annoying phone calls, and doesn’t fill his inbox with hateful messages. Spam contacts (We talked about it some time ago in this article.) A gadget is a gift, and as such, it’s always welcome even when it’s humble. The utility of the customized tool has often been the subject of psychological analyzes and studies in which receiving something as a gift prompts people to be more willing to listen to the brand’s suggestion.

This happens because they teach us this from an early age Please come back And gifts, and above all, thanksgiving when we receive something. It is an irresistible, unconscious stimulus that tests the sanity of even the most pessimistic client. So every time you give a small tool To someone you will receive their gratitude and attention back without disturbing them or making them feel overwhelmed. Not bad, right?

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What advantages does it offer?

The benefits of using the tool are also related Maximized return Compared to many other forms of advertising. When you buy a place on the radio, you pay for a product that will stop spinning after a certain period of time.

On the contrary, the gadget always remains in the homes, in the bags or on the desks of the people who will receive it. If you are smart enough to manage graphic customization Your contact details and your logo will always be in plain sight, under the eyes of clients and potential clients.

Did you know that it is also beneficial at the tax level?

Finally we must also consider tax incentives Which, for a good businessman, is still noteworthy. Gadgets are deductible and deductible as entertainment expenses. to get tax advantage Certain standards must be respected, and therefore, tools must not belong to the same product category of the company they applaud.

Also, every tool should not have a file higher cost from fifty euros Because in the case of higher numbers there are still some concessions but it will be reduced.

Entertainment expenses are those that provide for the free supply of goods or services for promotional or public relations purposes.

For tools, therefore, there is one 100% VAT deduction Because of this, it can be distributed to the public without the need to issue an invoice. For specific information based on your business, it is always worthwhile to bother Talk to the accountant But, in general, the law guarantees the possibility of deduction and deduction for the tool, making it one of the advertising options more convenient to try.

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