The Walking Gundam for Mobile Suit Gundam will run until 2023

mobile suit gundam It has earned its place as the biggest anime bot franchise time and time again, with Japan erecting a number of statues that have recreated life-size versions of many of the Gundams throughout the eastern country. One of the largest statues created in recent memory is the “Walking Gundam,” a life-size statue that actually has the ability to walk on its own, and fans of the mech franchise will be happy to hear about it. To take more action over the next year, with the arc originally scheduled for 2022.

While Gundam is expected to see this mockup take action through March 2023, the franchise has recently suffered losses in the form of the closure of Gundam cafes in Japan. Gundam Cafés have long operated near the Gundam statues themselves, usually selling food and drink inspired by the franchise that debuted in the 1970s and designed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. While nearly all of the cafes themselves are closed at this point, the chain actually did briefly offer fans the option to purchase curries from these establishments for a while, allowing die-hard fans to dine like soldiers of the Federation of Land and Principality. from Zion.

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The Gundam Walking attraction, described as the “Yokohama Gundam Factory”, is modeled after the original robot built in the first mobile suit gundam RX-78-2 series. With the battle between Amuro and Char ending with the end of the original series, the franchise recently took the opportunity to revisit the universe that started it all in the movie. Mobile Suit Gundam: Flash de Hathaway. In the first film, which was to be the first in a trilogy, viewers got to know the character of Hathaway, who is the heiress of Amuro and Shar.

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Unfortunately for North American audiences, there are no life-size statues installed in the West yet, although the animation has continued to grow in popularity over the years, perhaps we’ll see – someday a robot flight in the coming days.

Will she try to get to the Walking Gundam before she takes her final steps? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up live on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comedy, anime and the world of Gundam.

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