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That’s only half a surprise because CD Projekt has already confirmed that The Witcher saga isn’t over yet, but today’s announcement comes with some visuals and a few extra details.

The Witcher 4 doesn’t have a name yet, but it does have its engine!

CD Projekt detailed its strategy just a year ago with the announcement of the development of Multiple AAA games in parallel. The developer confirmed that the focus will remain on RPG development and that The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 will remain the company’s main franchises.

Today, CD Projekt confirms that the new game The Witcher is working fine. The name of the game has not been mentioned, and it is not yet known whether it is The Witcher 4 or not. However, the developer is officially talking about a “new epic” for the franchise. So it is not impossible for a new era to emerge and the series offers us to break away from previous episodes, for example by developing a whole new narrative arc.

Other official information, The Next Witcher will run under Unreal Engine 5. The developer will therefore not use its REDengine engine this time, and even mentions a “multi-year strategic partnership” with Epic Games. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the next game will be launched exclusively in one store instead of another.

It has been determined that this partnership covers not only the licensing of the engine, but also technical development under the Unreal Engine 5 as well as possible future iterations of the engine. Here we understand half a word that Epic Games will be more involved in the development of The Witcher 4 than a traditional game. However, the developers specify that the Cyberpunk 2077 extension continues to develop using the REDengine engine.

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Do not look for a date since the release of the new game The Witcher is not yet known. We also don’t know what stage of development the project is in, but since the announcement is official, it’s not impossible to hear about it again this year. The first visual has been shared, you’ll find it above.

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