The world’s longest moving zip line arrives at Weston-super-Mare this summer

The world’s longest moving double zip line will arrive at the Weston-Super Mare Waterfront this summer. The 30m zip line, the first of its kind, must be installed for the wonderful summer season in beach lawns In front of the Tropicana.

The 300-meter slip line, known as the avalanche, will see people reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour before landing on a special “landing platform” three meters above the ground. Those who want Suspense You will have to climb the Avalancher’s tower which is equipped with his snow machine.

The ride is designed around an avalanche, with characters like snowboarders appearing on the ride. The flight is the brainchild of John Wilson who has been working on the design for six years.


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Although ziplines operate all over the world, this is the first one that will be “mobile”, meaning that it can be moved to different locations. We were hoping to bring the avalanche to Weston last summer, but was suspended due to shipping complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The zip line, which is equipped with magnetic braking system, can be used by adults and children But there are likely to be restrictions on height and weight. The cost will be £10 per trip, with discounts for multiple trips.

The ride can be used by two people, which will be rigorously tested for safety at all times. Mr. Wilson has been running bungee rides for several years and also runs stationary zip-lining tours in places like Singapore and Thailand.

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Mr. Wilson said, “It is the highest sliding zip line in the world and we are very excited to come to it Weston. Based on the avalanche theme, riders use the zip line to escape.

“We want everyone to come, have fun and enjoy the ride.” The avalanche will arrive in early July when construction begins with plans to open from mid-July.

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