The Xiaomi Wireless Charger charges three devices, which is a great tribute to the Apple AirPower

Xiaomi unveiled a new wireless charger during its event dedicated to Mi 11 Ultra. This charging station is capable of charging three devices simultaneously without a microphone setting, which is a nice homage to the Apple AirPower.

Announced this Xiaomi heavy event, you can find it Summary of 4 hours of live broadcast. We were able to discover Mi 11 UltraReally interesting, plus Mi 11i phone, The Mi 11 Lite phone, The Mi Smart Projector 2, The Mi Smart Band 6 or Wi-Fi router 6. There have been other announcements, including AirPower. It’s almost a love letter to its heartwarming and celebrity Apple air Force It was abandoned even before it was marketed.

18 spools

The new wireless charging base can charge multiple devices and 3 devices at the same time. To achieve this, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, explained that this charging station uses 19 coils spread over the entire surface to be able to detect the device on the base. This station provides 20 watts of wireless charging per device, for a total of 60 watts if three devices are placed there for recharging.

It was a real technical challenge to be able to manage the generated heat. Xiaomi AirPower costs € 78 excluding taxes and is currently only available in China.

There was also talk of an 80W wireless charger, which no one has heard of. It will be able to ship a We are December 11th At 67 watts all the same.

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