There is a rip of iFixit, bad news about repair –

Apple Caused a stir with him Fabric from 25 euros Clean the screens and look like a bad warship iFixit He decided to make fun of it by performing one of his classics Tearing However, even in this precious fabric, it notices some bad news regarding its repair.

As we have seen, with the introduction of the latest Mac, Apple is selling a $ 25 cloth to clean screens. Despite the fact that it’s so much fun, the fabric in question is selling like hot cakes, selling out a few hours after it was introduced in the Apple Store, thus triggering the myth.

iFixit put its own in it, a Precise tearing The fabric, too, has a monotonous finish Review the new MacBook Pro.

Quickly scrolling to the bottom of the system extraction, we come to the most interesting part: in the “Another Thing” section, to be in the subject of historical references, the site carried out the technical extraction of the fabric. .

It turns out that these are actually two fabrics glued together (so be aware that the purchase process doubles) and the material used is identical to that of Alcondara. The problem is, he gets a handsome one 0 your 10 In terms of repair, it cannot be reconnected after disassembly.

Seriously, the analysis of the MacBook Pro is very interesting and revealing Very low score Even on a system with 4 out of 10 in terms of repair, despite the improvement (removable battery, as well as various screen components and various devices) the extraction remains a very complex process and memory. SSD archive, it can not be changed.

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Veronica Tucker

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