There is another alternative option that includes buttons on the Apple TV remote

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) has introduced its version of the infamous Apple TV remote “specially designed and designed” for cable, satellite and MVPT (multichannel video program distributors) customers. The company announced.

Remote Bluetooth uses less power or has a microphone to speak infrared and comma commands to connect to the box, and its universal remote function allows you to control TV and audio devices from any brand or manufacturer. It has backlink keys, which operate via an ambient light sensor, a button to flip channels and a mute button according to UEI.

“We are pleased that global customers will soon be able to enjoy this new remote, especially as the number of MVPDs Apple TV 4K offers to their subscribers is increasing,” said Paul Arling, CEO of Universal Electronics.

Universal Electronics launches new remote Apple TV
Universal Electronics

Universal was not the first company to introduce the Apple TV remote alternative; Last year, Swiss TV and Internet provider The salt created a distance Touchpad controls on home remote have teamed up with Apple after users were frustrated with the standard buttons. And Function introduced its Button Remote on the Apple TV In July. There is the salt sample Hard to buy In the United States.

UEI’s remote will be available from next year, but consumers will not be able to purchase the remote directly from Universal. The company plans to sell branded versions of the remote directly through cable companies.

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