“There will be no major revolution in the La Rochelle game”

to interview – The back of France’s XV evokes the new season of Stade Rochelais now coached by Ronan O’Jara. After two final losses last year.

How do you deal with this recovery for the top 14?
Bryce Doolin: we are very happy. As we saw with the start of Pro D2, the stadiums are full. Impatience reigns supreme, we know we’ll relive the moments with the audience. It will make us happy.

Did Stade Rochelle absorb the two defeats in last season’s final?
We talked about it again. It is true that from an accounting point of view, we do not have any securities. With more hindsight, we can tell ourselves we’ve had a good season. The frustration, which can be legitimate, is to say we made an effort to get to those two finals but couldn’t win them both. That’s what we missed compared to Toulouse, a club that used to experience these kinds of events and create the perfect matches to simply win. We should be aware of our beautiful journey but not be content with it.

We’ve made changes to our squad and coaching staff as well. Everything fell into place easily

Bryce Doolin

Are these failures that nevertheless make you grow?
It makes you grow if we don’t make the same mistakes and have a different season. We’ll see at the end of this season if we learn from what we’ve been through.

After the departure of Juno Gibbs, Ronan O’Gara is now alone at the helm. What has changed?
We know each other very well with Ronan (who started his training career at Racing 92, editor’s note). The Rochelais group knows him well now. It would be a new position for him in this group. Things started off well, of course. We’ve made changes to our squad and coaching staff as well. Everything fell into place easily. But only the fact of the matches will tell us if all this is positive. I think it will be. This will also require the participation and seriousness of the players on the field. We have to check our good feelings on the ground.

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Are we expecting a new way to play from Stade Rochelais?
There will be no great revolution. We will stick with what we know how to do, and what we were able to show last season. There will be adjustments, as for all teams, it will happen naturally. The first objective will be to analyze what we were able to do well last season and erase what was less positive. To be more regular and efficient.

We have to get off to a good start because all the points we lost, we have to finish at the end of the season to qualify. This is where you can lose energy before the final stages

Bryce Doolin

And you will find Toulouse, your double executioner…
You have to start well… There are 10 or 12 teams that are able to qualify (for the finals) on paper. We have to get off to a good start because all the points we lost, we have to finish at the end of the season to qualify. This is where you can lose energy before the final stages. So we have to get off to a very good start, in addition to home. A big piece, Toulouse arrives with its full range because its international players have been out this summer.

As wallpaper, what is 50:22 rule he will change ?
Offensively, this brings the possibility of restoring progress without losing too much energy. Defensively we will have to highlight the shift with the wings, 10 or 8 depending on the covers. So as not to be exposed and leave the opportunity for the opponent to come and play with us. For me, there will be no great revolution, great opportunities for opponents to come to us. It will only be necessary to be more serious about the covers and scales, the slightest forgetfulness can be very costly. It also bounces back in training and positioning.

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And this year, it will once again lead the top 14 leagues and Champions Cups, with a standing ovation…
Last year we had a chance to qualify either way. And go to the final. For me, having it in both directions brings group-wide emulation. Everyone wants to play these matches. This is a positive thing. This allowed the group and club to grow.

Watching the All Blacks movie is fun and it would be even better to play against them

Bryce Doolin

The fifteenth of France will face the All Blacks in November. Are you already thinking about it?
It will be useful to the whole group of France. We’ve seen this summer that the pool of players is very wide. It’s very positive, the young players are showing their noses and showing that the France team performs whatever the deadlines. This November round will be an additional level of measurement and progress that we have seen for a year and a half. New Zealand has been the most consistent country in recent seasons. The All Blacks bring a breath of fresh air. It’s great to watch them and it would be even better to play against them.

What do you think of Melvyn Jaminet’s shows in Australia?
Not surprised, I watch Pro D2 a lot because I started there (in Agen, editor’s note). He’s a player I’ve seen develop with Perpignan and it’s part of the staff satisfaction. This France group allows people to stand out but this is because of a strong team framework, with good standards, it allows players to express themselves well. Melvyn is one of the things that will go well with this tour, he’s not the only one, and he’s giving everyone a boost. It also makes clear that we must not depend on what we know how to do, but must continue to do well in order to progress. It is only possible.

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